French, I arrived 16 years ago in Barcelona to live my legend enjoying my favorite city in Europe. Mediterranean lifestyle. Charming and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Creative energy and lively nightlife.

Specialist in Night Events, Multimedia Entertainment & Interpersonal Relationships (my passion). More than 17 years designing events and experiences based on Interpersonal Relationships.

In Barcelona:

Night tours (tapas tours, limousine tours, clubbing tours, corporate events…) for online travel agencies : /

Events and parties in order to launch the most famous online dating website in Europe : 

Launch of the  Meeticlive platform to promote the brand in Spain. Off-line events for singles. For 5 years, more than 70 parties and dinners and 15,000 people hosted. Each event with fun entertainment such as Sharing Flower, Single Coach, Speed ​​Dating, Shaker, Dating Game, Night Tour in Limousine, etc. to promote interpersonal relationships in an open and respectful athmosphere.

IAC-owned has set its sights on Europe’s largest dating site, 

All Over the World:

Launch of Video Mapping concept with in collaboration with global communications groups.